Post Living / Pre Dreaming

by Marie Byrd Land Band

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released April 1, 2014

All songs written, performed, *recorded and **mixed by Marie Byrd Land Band

* recorded in march 2014 / ** REMASTERED IN DECEMBER 2015.



all rights reserved


Marie Byrd Land Band London, UK

lo-fi + psych

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Track Name: St. Marie
I think you're right
When you say
We're not polite
To the time
We live in
I don’t know why
I’m still stuck here
Waiting for you
In my mind
You're a saint to me

Marie come to me
And let my head lie on your shoulder
And let it never go anywhere
please, Marie stay in the store, be there
I'm driving as faster as I can
When you say our generation failed
Melancholy will rule the world
St. Marie don’t be sad, we’re dreaming
We’re just strangers with a past together

Oh sweet Marie
Why didn't we stay in touch, well I still miss you
But I guess now this is not enough
St. Marie, forgive me for what I haven't done
Now life's just a moment almost gone
Track Name: 18 Months
You’re celebrating 18 months with your last boyfriend and
I'm celebrating 14 months without cutting my hair
And I don't need more time to understand
Who really won the war between us, don't you get it yet?

I just saw a cell phone picture of you now and I felt
Like you are someone that I never really met
Your eyes are dim or maybe bright or maybe i don't know
I'm so bad that i hope that now you're worse

Was all that time as real as i thought?
Or perhaps it was just the feel i loved
Despite our age and past
Nothing in my mind changed so far

But I'm just singing of obviation
Half indifference
Half frustration

Forever living with obviation
Half forgotten
Half reiteration
Track Name: Slow
I need a slow dive in the sea
I need to see you dance with Phil
if you want you both can come
To see me swim from the top of your love dream
And everybody knows I'm jealous and alone
And everybody tries to point at me as I'm bad

No one will never slow you down
You're so proud

Why can't it be like last year on the settee
When we tried to make her scream
Oh Phil, don't be upset tomorrow she'll be home again
C'mon Phil, she feels the same even if she can't recall your name

Water fills the emptiness in me
I’m about to drown
Track Name: Lie
Please stop comparing me with all the boys you've loved
I’m sure you don't like me
It's just a lack of will (I'm sure)
I get it last night when I was lying hopeless on my bed

Nothing will ever save me from what I'll become
No one will ever judge me if I'm doing it wrong
Please stay at home tonight,
I don't want to think of you with someone else
No more

All the time we spent together was a lie
All the time we spent together was a lie