Same Wavelength / Different Paths

by Marie Byrd Land Band

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released April 20, 2016

All songs written*, performed, home-recorded and mixed by
Marie Byrd Land Band between April 2015 and April 2016

* except for “Therapeutic” & “Autumn (Eyes > Lies)” written in 2012,
“((dream))” 2013, “Ssttaarrss” 2014



all rights reserved


Marie Byrd Land Band London, UK

lo-fi + psych

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Track Name: Enough To Be Remembered pt. I & II
pt. I

we spent our first date in your head
the second time, the things I said
Paulin you're right look behind your back
these lights are bright but I still can't see

I will never call again, I'm out of here
but there's a thing i will remember
on my way home I felt we weren’t done
I was so high i can’t remember
when everything is slightly fading to black
what is the thing you'll remember?

there was this place where once we met
I took other girls here, I know it’s not fair
Paulin what’s wrong? Look at yourself
the dawn’s casting shadows as tall as our regrets

pt. II

yes we're young and there's the sun
yes, we're young and blah blah blah
but I'm here buried in my room
and even though I'm far from home
I'm not happy, I'm not happy again
Track Name: ((dream))
we were through
but then you...
we are two
but before...
there was a time
you were mine
now all I can do
is dream of you

and we drive
together for the first time
in a while

then we arrive
to an empty stadium, you are right
by my side
the dream collapses, I woke up and
you dreamt about me too
last night
what a sign
Track Name: Dusty Apartment
I’m just thinking of you
in this dusty apartment
without any clue
what to do

this time I won’t fall for you
as I did last summer
and all the previous
six too

is this fondness I still feel true?
or is it just time flowing
erasing the blues
of what I’ve been through for you?
Track Name: Allen Gardens
allen gardens
sky's not crying yet
but it ain't silent
two fosters
not to be frightened
by the thoughts we never shared
do you feel like dying too?
allen gardens
once completely unknown
but it's been a while
start to hit your eyelids
and then the ringing of your phone
wrecked it all with its timing

our alien bodies
I swear that having you around
was easier than lying
allen gardens
just another turning point
I decided to decline
there were no
train roars or surprises
when, on the hottest july night,
we decided to stop fighting
allen gardens
there’s no right side in what you said
you’ve already decided

your words are melting like tears deprived of their wisdom
and I’m stuck in this limbo 'till you're done
same wavelength, different paths
our faults collide in the middle, and i see them trickle
right in the spot where once again we were one
same wavelength, different paths
you left my life at the crossroads, bound and lonesome
but I learned how to shield myself from you
same wavelength, different paths
there will be no lazy sequels, I'm not clumsy, I’m just cautious
soulmates or not, you still belong to me
same wavelength, different paths
Track Name: Autumn (Eyes > Lies)
once I met a girl
we shared the same last name
and I was struck
by her idea of life
she said
life's not made by places
and all you need to know
is that we are all the same
but I was way too sure
she was just telling some white lies
to help a stranger shine

eyes recognize lies
in a week’s time
I’ll stop thinking what it was all about
Track Name: Flooding
the way you flailed
while you were drowning
lost inside that
wide ocean filled with grime
the scream you screamed out
sweetest symphony
not a single worry
floating into the stream
and then soon after
the heroes were gone
all they left for us
was mud and a show of support

my house is gone
the memories live on
my house is gone
the memory remains
my house is gone
my place’s still here
our siblings left
my wilted family tree

and then soon after
I got your call
you said saints help heroes
not lost souls like us

my house is gone
the memory breaks free
my house is gone
the memory is in me
the twilight light
turns on a burning sea
it's time for bed
but the tv troupe is still here
Track Name: Mary Collin's Shop
walking by mary collin's shop
a place to hide after the storm
back to the day I waited for you
alone outside the Elk in the woods
walking by mary collin's shop
a place to hide after the storm
pindaric flights, mind pirouettes
who are you? how could I forget?

we're closer than death and yet farther than ever
Track Name: Therapeutic
I never hated a party more than this in my life
I know it's time to go home and cry
the night has fallen over my drunken eyes
I swear I can’t go through with it
they may say it’s therapeutic to hold on
I don’t think so
it’s been a year and my foot still hurts
I claim back all the time we wasted last year
but she’s not here
it feels like I’m trapped I’ll leave all my troubles outside
I have equal parts of hate and gin in me
let me believe, they will both leave my body
as soon as I stop feeling sick

no, you’re not how many girls you fucked
you’re not how many drinks you’ve drunk tonight
you’re such a silly boy
Track Name: Big City Dies
in which big city have you lived after your degree?
dalston junction, I look like the wino I’ve never been
my folks are lying, girls are biting other girls’ heels

in which big city have you had the feeling you were living for real?
send me that long awaited bloody message, dear
worthless time, It's like I'm dying here
Track Name: Ssttaarrss
I can't see the stars through your mobile photo camera
another thing i can't see is what I’ll become
we stare at each other when we meet
even if we walk on the opposite side of the street
and there's nothing left for us
they all laugh and then they talk
but now you're one of them
do you think I care?

am I about to waste my life?
to live it in shame for a paradise?
please just let me stop it like no one
I do really think i'm better than you guys
but my ego is filled with sorrow and lies
let me go back to the time i belong to

I can't see the stars through your mobile photo camera
another thing I can't see is what went wrong
have we felt something true for once?
in this rotten city full of fads
we crawled out at night
to bark at the little dog

am I about to get that high?
will it be enough to live in my own paradise?
please just let me stay off another while
I do really think I’m frightened by the starts
while endings just seem to come too fast
let me go back to the time i belong to
Track Name: Daylight
“I/ you can't just slip away from my pains”
mother let me go
never played out of place
never will
I didn’t meant what I said
can you forgive me hun?
I need some space, a room or a cage
I will be fine

I just can't sleep away all the daytime/daylight

(I swear I will be fine)
Track Name: Last Day (In London Town)
it's just the same old story and it goes like this:
who’s to blame when you still miss
her long lost kiss tonight?

I used to write way better than this
I will start again to pretend I miss
your soft body, your pale skin

last day in london town
Track Name: Enough To Be Remembered pt. III
like old Schindler says, after all
if you save a life, you're saving them all
like old Schindler says, that's for sure
if you save a life, you save the world