This Is All About Our Place & Time

by Marie Byrd Land Band

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recorded & mixed between March and April 2015.


released May 5, 2015

All songs written, performed and recorded by Marie Byrd Land Band
Drums on "Tropical Reef" by V. Baldrighi
Backing vocals / choruses on "People" by R. Rivaroli



all rights reserved


Marie Byrd Land Band London, UK

lo-fi + psych

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Track Name: Tropical Reef
- instrumental -
Track Name: Last
i'm not going anywhere
but it doesn't mean you can stare at me
no, we won't share your drink, please leave me

what's that in my pocket? i'm feeling the wallet on my knee
i'm sure that you play hard, i'm no troublemaker
i don’t want you to sit here next to me

i'm not figuring out
the words that come out of your mouth
you decided to lock your life to this place
without a chance to get out

i’m not saying i want you to stay
but it’s been such a long time
I still clearly remember your old dog and the sofa we used to lie on

where is your glass now? guess who’s ready to get fucked up
it’s been a while now, the truth is the worst part
it’s like we’re naked in that bar / the dark

here are your words in the wind and you’re still floating around
while my faded regrets lie 6 feet underground

it’s been sad when you left, am I really over it now?
I’m not often thinking about it, It’s a matter of whens & hows
Track Name: Manhattan Projects
we're just little walking manhattan projects
ready to explode in the air
we're just walking manhattan projects
ready to destroy ourself

there's nothing like the day before
nothing bittersweet like something we have almost done
i just want to figure it out, what was right and now is wrong
we're living bombs with problems that they cannot defuse

we're just little walking manhattan projects
designed underground
we're just walking manhattan projects
ready to be feared again

i’ll never be that tall, i’ll never be that tall again
i’ll never be in love, i’ll never be in love, sounds strange
believe me or not, you’re all i don’t know yet
i’m one and you’re all, i thought we’ll be done forever

there’s something i was afraid to ask
i already know the answer, but I don’t care that much
i just want to mess your life up as you did with mine
we’re nothing more than weapons, we don’t feel anymore

we're just little walking manhattan projects
ready to explode in the air
we're just walking manhattan projects
ready to destroy ourself
Track Name: Fourth Time
it's the fourth time in a row
i get bored of what i've just done

but it's just the first time
we felt sick of
what we've become

i don't wanna hear another song
"kiss me dear, goodbye"
i want you to sing along
only to my breed and kind

we know we will struggle
we're running out of time
contract’s expired, we’re doomed
but extra-time arrives
Track Name: People
oh, jamal please come home
you know what i want
i’m waiting for your answer

please, i need you to clear
my thoughts with the strength of reason

jus, i rather be dead
than not see you again
how can i be so restless?

and then, just ask yourself
if when we met
this town still looked like a prison cell

bess, you're almost gone
I know that it's tough
your cat will always be here

for you, and your behavior
the things that you said
anything but love can tear us apart

"d. where have you been?"
"nowhere, I was here
surely not kissing..."

but everybody's gone
in search of someone
that take them home
Track Name: I.C.T.I.T.M.O.T.N
- instrumental -